Testimonial: True Help

Elizabeth Handy

Testimonial: True Help

I was diagnosed with major depression in my late teens and in the two subsequent decades met with about 8 different therapists and psychiatrists. I was prescribed an always-changing battery of prescription drugs to treat the persistent depression and later anxiety, and very few of the drugs effectively treated my symptoms. The efficacy of the few drugs that did work was short-lived and was enjoyed at the cost of several unpleasant side effects.

I first saw Libby upon referral by a primary care physician in mid-2017 in Washington, DC. What I experienced changed my life: after only two sessions with her, memories of several years of childhood abuse came back to me. Through the first ten sessions, my chronic lower back pain and depression symptoms- intricately linked to the trauma I experienced as a child- began to diminish (they are now gone). The anxiety and fear at the root of all of my long-standing symptoms are being treated successfully. There was an large, deep wound at the root of all of my adult symptoms of persistent pain, depression, and anxiety. Only the trauma work got to the core of the wound and allowed for healing of related symptoms. And Libby is the only practitioner I am aware of that can treat trauma this way: she doesn’t “manage it” or coach her patients in “coping” with their wounds: she leads them to actual healing.

Every doctor and therapist I have spoken with in the past focused on trying (ineffectively) to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Libby’s focus is, rather, on the identification and extrication of the causes of trauma-based symptoms. She is technically and intuitively gifted, and I’ve never met anyone who has been able to help me as much as she has.

Libby is one of the most intelligent, insightful people I have ever met. Her initial diagnosis for me of Complex PTSD (after spending only a few minutes with me) proved to be correct. She is dedicated, trustworthy, and focused intently on getting her patients better and doing so quickly. She led me almost immediately to the root of my own trauma and through the subsequent processing of that trauma. No drugs were used. By addressing and treating the root of my symptoms, I began to feel better. In addition to her uncanny ability to aid her patients in locating and processing their trauma, Libby is also an incredibly supportive and practical coach. She has given me sensible advice on a number of life issues that have been complicated by trauma. All of these skills together make her the most indispensable and gifted practitioner I have ever encountered.

She is the only person who has ever been able to truly help me. I’m so grateful that my physician referred me to her practice.