Antidepressants – Potential Harms and Psychotic Side Effects

E. Handy

In the realm of holistic medicine, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) antidepressants are often considered among the most harmful mass-prescribed drugs, frequently making the top five on many holistic doctors’ lists. However, the unique aspect that sets SSRIs apart from other medications lies in their potential to harm individuals who are not even taking the drugs.

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Mass Shootings’ from the ‘Mercola Take Control of Your Health

A thorough analysis conducted by a Midwestern Doctor on December 30, 2023, sheds light on the decades of evidence linking SSRI antidepressants to a range of horrendous side effects. These include instances where individuals become agitated, feel a profound discomfort in their own skin, and, in extreme cases, exhibit violent psychotic behavior.

During these episodes of psychosis, individuals on SSRIs may experience out-of-body sensations, leading to acts of lethal violence, either towards themselves or others. Shockingly, lawsuits have revealed that this violent behavior, along with frequent suicides, was observed during SSRI clinical trials but was subsequently covered up by the manufacturers and drug regulators, such as the FDA.

Since entering the market, SSRIs have been associated with a disturbing wave of suicides and violent acts, a correlation often dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” or a misinterpretation of causation. Despite being included in the warning labels of these drugs, the extensive evidence linking SSRIs to violent and psychotic behavior remains relatively unknown.

courtesy of Mercola

Courtesy of Mercola

It’s important to note that other drugs, such as Statins, NSAIDs (e.g., ibuprofen), and acid reflux medications (proton pump inhibitors like prilosec), also contend for inclusion in the list of potentially harmful medications. Their risks and irrationality have been discussed in various sources.

Observing the unusual correlation between SSRI consumption and out-of-character violent behavior over the years, many have become increasingly concerned. As evidence continues to accumulate through lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, a clearer connection between SSRIs and psychotic violence emerges. Simultaneously, as the usage of these drugs has risen, so too have instances of grisly and uncharacteristic killings.