What to Expect

Coaching is a tool I provide to clients that are ready to do the work needed for transformational change. My neuroscience informed approach focuses on identifying and processing psychological barriers, and removing them so that you can build resilience and achieve your full potential.

As a successful, licensed psychotherapist for the last 20 years and counting, I am trained to recognize psychological and trauma-based issues and roadblocks to understand an individual’s “big picture,” and provide a personalized roadmap for success. Book a coaching consultation with me to see if coaching is right for you.

The Beginning: Our First Session

Your first session gives us an opportunity to discuss the reasons you are interested in working with me. We will begin identifying the significant experiences that brought you here. As we work together, we will quickly understand your main concerns and difficulties, your strengths and goals. After we finish our first session, I will let you know if I believe you could benefit from psychotherapy and how we could work together to achieve your goals. To make our most first session most effective, arrive on time and prepared with your completed intake forms.

The Middle: During Treatment

I believe that people have the resources to effectively process their problems. I am not afraid of the difficult issues, because I believe that people can resolve things and put the past in the past. I encourage people to actively work in sessions. I also teach them to notice and monitor their own emotional and physiological reactions, so that we both know when change is happening.

The End: After Treatment

When a problematic situation no longer feels emotionally charged, I know that processing has occurred. Once reactions to old events are processed, people feel calm and in control, physical signs of stress disappear and they are no longer affected by the issues that once were debilitating. Socially and at work, people start handling situations in new ways. Therefore, it is easy for us to judge how well therapy is working and when you no longer need treatment.

I will be pleased to answer any questions you have about the process of psychotherapy, my background and my therapeutic approach.