Frequently Asked Questions

No. I have opted to remain out of network on all insurance panels due to concerns around individual privacy and control of treatment. I believe that your private information should remain that way, and that you (and only you) should control your course of treatment—not your insurance provider.

Many insurance providers will reimburse a percentage of the total session cost. They are required to do so per the Federal Parity Law.

Most sessions are 60 minutes. Couples sessions are typically 90 minutes long.
The length of therapy depends on your issues and goals. Some issues such as childhood abuse may take longer to resolve than issues that began as an adult. Some people achieve their treatment goals in a handful of sessions and some in a few months. Some work with me over longer periods.
Print and fill out an intake form and bring it with you to your first session. This will help us get started right away when you arrive. And of course, arrive on time to allow yourself the time and space needed for your most effective session.
I have worked with clients who have survived a broad spectrum of traumatic experiences. We will start with a conversation to understand where you are, and then develop a strategic plan to process your trauma. Sessions will be tightly focused to ensure efficient processing that helps you heal rapidly.
During your sessions with me, we will be digging deep into emotional triggers, which can become intense. However, I am expertly trained and experienced in helping you develop emotionally grounding constructs that re-stabilize and empower you. Also, the processing effects of our session continue after you leave my office. You should expect to leave each session with enhanced clarity, empowerment and stability.