Testimonial: Change Your Life

Elizabeth Handy

Testimonial: Change Your Life

See this psychotherapist and change your life!

Elizabeth Handy is first and foremost a scientist who is extremely well-versed in all things related to our emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviors and actions. Her evidence-based work promises better mental health.

It has done wonders for me. Thanks to Libby and her state-of-the-art treatment methods, I have been able to better deal with my PTSD and depression.

Moreover, unlike ANY therapist I have gone to, Libby has a unique ability to intuit problems and customize treatments so mental health is regained in the shortest amount of time possible. Her treatment is effective and sustainable. Who doesn’t seek help that will result in permanent beneficial change. In addition to having the clinical background, she has a delightful, caring disposition.

I am so thankful to Libby and give this psychotherapist a “five star” rating.