Testimonial: All the Difference in my Life

Elizabeth Handy

Testimonial: All the Difference in my Life

Dear Libby,

I am writing to express how deeply grateful I am for the beautiful changes in my life, attributable largely to our therapy sessions.

As you may recall, I came to you in rather desperate straits. Previous extended experiences at talk therapy did little to help to identify, much less resolve my Post Traumatic Delayed Stress (PTSD) issues. While I knew there were some significant and deeply impactful issues that were causing me a combination of grief, terror and maladaptive behavior, I simply could not access those deeply buried issues that so powerfully affected my life.

I came across you after doing research on PTSD therapy designed to directly access buried emotions and experiences. I am so glad I did!

The experiences that surfaced in response to your Brainspotting technique were deeper and more troubling than I had imagined, but thanks to your loving help and the safe environment you created for me, they trouble me no more.

As you know and as I have learned, finding the PTSD experiences locked deep within, is deeply challenging. Yet, within a few months, we found those experiences. And once in the open, they resolved surprisingly quickly.

This is not to say it was easy—it wasn’t. But it was so very worth it.

Prior to our times together, I’ve never had a healthy relationship in my life due to sexual trauma and violence. Today, I am able to date again, trust again, and have for the first time, formed healthy relationships with family and friends. I think the most important things I have gained from our work together is a sense of hope, of optimism and of self-love.

You my dear friend, have made all the difference in my life!

With my deepest appreciation and love,