How Cancer Affects Sexual Intimacy

How Cancer Affects Sexual Intimacy, And How To Fix It

Elizabeth Handy

Dissociation, alienation from the body and loss of libido are among the myriad emotions and experiences that are present while living with cancer. While in treatment or remission it is difficult for most, and impossible for some, to maintain healthy sexual relationships. The New York Times sheds light into what these experiences are like for some in their 2013 article, Living With Cancer: Seeking Intimacy.

Cancer, along with its treatments, struggles and impact on interpersonal relationships, is itself a trauma. In order to heal this trauma, processing must occur by integrating the sexual persona with the present-day self. A new relationship must be formed between mind and body.

EMDR & Brainspotting are the safest, fastest and most effective methods for processing. By dealing with the root cause of the trauma of cancer and not simply focusing on the symptoms, healing occurs.The result is a mentally healthy, thriving individual experiencing the body and mind as one whole, integrated person.

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