Brainspotting for Athletes and Musicians

Elizabeth Handy

Traditional talk therapy is not effective for performance issues which typically are trauma related. For example, a coach or parent indicates that danger or bodily harm will occur if the athlete performs their sport or the athlete may be secondarily traumatized witnessing another athlete’s injury. Processing the trauma via Brainspotting and the subsequent beliefs attached to the trauma clears blocks and impediments to optimal performance. I successfully apply Brainspotting techniques to assist athletes, musicians, performers, and public speakers. The treatment is effective and relatively fast.

It is difficult to describe how grateful I am to Elizabeth for helping me overcome my mental block in gymnastics. I previously had limited success using sports psychology and mental toughness techniques to cope with the problem. Eventually however, my mental block on vault became seemingly insurmountable. Elizabeth used Brainspotting to remove the mental block, and I can now perform with confidence a vault that I could not make myself do before. I am absolutely amazed at the change and cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth!
Stacey T.
As a musician who has been dealing with performance anxiety as well as depression, Elizabeth Handy has been a revelation for me.Darren S.
Her work with brainspotting has helped me to quiet my mind and focus on playing my best. Her knowledge and experience in psychotherapy has helped me be more comfortable with myself and my playing. I am able to bring my instrument and play for her and her work helps me see immediate results after a session, which was always so surprising, but rewarding!Darren S.
It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, she can help you. She’ll even help you if you play a loud instrument like the trumpet, which I play! She has a wonderful personality and can connect with people on a personal level in a way that very few people I know can! She is always empathetic and available to talk outside of a session when necessary. Elizabeth Handy is a wonderful human being, and she is fantastic at what she does. And best of all, there are real results!Darren S.

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