• Master of Science, Clinical Community Counseling: 2003, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science, Sociology/English: 1980, New York University, New York NY

Professional Training

  • Generational Brainspotting with Dr. Ruby Gibson, 2018
  • Treating Chronic Pain with EMDR with Mark Grant, 2017
  • Treating Headaches with EMDR with Steven Marcus Ph.D., 2017
  • Brainspotting 3 with David Grand, 2015
  • Advanced Resource Brainspotting, 2014
  • The Neurobiology of Consciousness, Trauma Induced Disorders of Consciousness and EMDR: A Glimpse Inside the Brain, Uri Bergman, Ph.D., 2013
  • Feeling State Addiction Protocol, 2013
  • Brainspotting with Performance Enhancement , Somatic Dissociation, and Medical Trauma, 2012
  • Brainspotting 1and II, 2011-2012
  • Using the EMDR AIP Model for Treating Adult Clients with Complex PTSD, Jim Knipe, 2011
  • EMDR & Health Related Problems with Carol Forgash, 2011
  • Brainspotting with Attachment Trauma and Dissociation 2011
  • Dissociation of the Personality: The Key to Understanding Chronic Traumatization and Its Treatment, 2010
  • The Theory of Structural Dissociation as a Guide for EMDR Treatment of Chronically Traumatized Clients, 2010
  • EMDR Treatment of Panic Disorder with and without Agoraphobia: Two Model Treatment Plans, 2010
  • Shame is my Safe Place: AIP Targeting of Shame as a Psychological Defense, 2010
  • EMDR and the Treatment of War and Terrorism Survivors: Steven Silver, Ph.D, Atlanta GA, 2010
  • STEP by STEP: Making EMDR Treatment Effective and Developmentally Appropriate for Children and Adolescents, Ana Gomez, 2010
  • Complex Trauma, Structural Dissociation & EMDR by Kathleen Martin, LCSW and Roger Solomon, Ph.D., 2009
  • Using EMDR as a Contemporary Psychotherapy, 2008

Professional Memberships, Affiliations and Licensures

  • Faculty of the George Washington University (GWU) School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Clinical Preceptor and Professional Development Mentor, GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • District of Columbia Mental Health Counselors Association
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Maryland, December, 2004
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Washington D.C October 2012
  • Certified in EMDR, EMDR International Association
  • Certified in Brainspotting, 2012
  • American Counseling Association